Tahoe Donner is one of the hidden gems of the entire Tahoe resort region, attracting its fair share of locals and tourists. If you plan on visiting, you might be wondering what the scene is like for Tahoe Donner ski rentals. After all, you know that buying your own skis is pretty much only for locals, especially with the fees airlines charge for ski cases now. Good news is that with all the resorts in the area, the ski rental prices are a constant war of low prices and great service. Here’s how to make the most of your dollar.

Price Comparisons and Saving Big

While you can save a lot by getting your Tahoe Donner ski rentals at the resort, keep in mind that you don’t want to pay the walk up price. This means that when you know you’re going skiing at Donner, check with us. We can make sure you get at least a 20 percent savings on your gear. And that’s everywhere you rent. Consider that in most cases, you can save more by renting off site.

For example, while you could get your Tahoe Donner ski rentals at the resort, a basic ski package is going to cost you $44 for the first day and $39 each additional day. So a five day rental will cost an even $200 before tax. If you head into Truckee and head to Tahoe Sports Hub, you can get a similar basic ski package for 26.10 per day, or $130.50 for five days. That’s before we help you save even more. The math sort of does itself, right?

Don’t Forget These

There are some things that are just second nature to pack when you go on a ski vacation, such as your regular medications, clothes for après ski activities, and even layers of clothing for the slopes. However, there are some things that you might not think about. Here’s a short list of items you might consider taking.

  • Lip balm and Sunscreen – You wouldn’t think that snow and sunscreen go together, but you’re still going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight from above and below (snow scatters and reflects the sun).
  • Goggles – You’re going to need these to keep your eyes protected from snow and ice.
  • Pain Relievers (Advil/Tylenol/Aleve) – After a long day on the slopes, you’ll thank us for this suggestion.
  • Lotion – Wind, sun, and dry air are going to do a number on your skin. Get some good lotion to help keep your skin in shape.

The best part about these things (with the exception of the goggles) is that you can pick them up locally for a lot less than you’d pay while on vacation. Prices for little things are always higher near the resort, so get them before you leave and pack them. For goggles, visit a local sports shop and try some on. If you wear glasses, make sure your goggles will adjust for that. With these tips, getting Tahoe Donner ski rentals and saving a bundle is well within your reach.

The following are some ski rental shops near Tahoe Donner:

Tahoe Sports Hub:                           http://www.tahoesportshub.com/ski-rental

Tahoe Dave’s Skis:                           http://www.tahoedaves.com

Slant Skis:                                          http://www.slantskis.com

Tahoe Mountain Sports:                 http://www.tahoemountainsports.com/