There are some great slopes and runs at Sierra-at-Tahoe, and they attract a lot of visitors, both local and tourist. If you’re pondering taking a run at the mountain, you’re probably curious about what the rental scene is like. Thankfully, with the large number of resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, there is no real shortage of rental options when it comes to gear. Whether you get your Sierra-at-Tahoe ski rentals at the resort or at an off-site rental, you’re going to save money. But there are some definite ways you can save more. And saving money is good, right?

Getting Your Ski On For Less

When it comes to getting your Sierra-at-Tahoe ski rentals, make sure you check with us when you’re ready to go. With our help, you can save up to twenty percent on all your gear. We maintain relationships with the various rental places so you can get what you need and not spend more than you have to. The walk up window rate for gear at the resort is $52 per day, but you should know not to pay that. Reserve your gear online in advance to get the best savings.

Another way to save even more on your Sierra-at-Tahoe ski rentals is to rent your gear off site. At Sunrise Ski Rental, located just a few minutes from the resort, you can get an equivalent ski package starting at $22 per day. The savings goes up, the longer you plan to ski. For example, if you’re going to spend a full seven days in the Tahoe region, you can get your gear for $18 per day. That’s one heck of a savings over the resort prices.

A Couple of Closing Points

Remember that even though you can save some cash on your rentals, there are still a couple of things you shouldn’t skimp on. The first of these is your helmet. Helmets will save your life, no joke. You might not think that you need a helmet on the slopes, but consider how fast you’re really going and what can happen if you mess up a turn. Helmets aren’t usually included in standard Sierra-at-Tahoe ski rentals, but they can be added on for about five bucks per day. Depending on how frequently you plan on skiing, you may decide to buy your own helmet. Latest prices put helmets at about 60 bucks if you purchase them online up to $200, depending on how fancy you go. Just remember to put a lid on your noggin.

As well, remember to pack the right socks. Cotton athletic socks are great for the gym, but on the slopes, they’re as out of place as a snowman in the Sahara. For one thing, they are way too thick for your boot to fit properly, and they also don’t wick away moisture, they just absorb sweat. This means your feet are going to be sore, wet, and freezing by the end of the day. Proper ski socks are made of merino wool and are thin. This allows your boot to fit properly and the wool pulls sweat away from your skin where it can be absorbed by the boot liner. With these two tips, we’ve got you covered head to foot.

The following is a list of ski rental places near Sierra-at-Tahoe

Sunrise Ski/Snowboard Rental:        

Mountain Mike’s Tees and Skis:       

The Village Board Shop:                    

The Ski Renter: