Mt Shasta is one of only 69 mountains over the 14,00-foot mark in the United States. It happens to be considered a dormant volcano since there is a sulfur stream vent near the summit, as opposed to other inactive mountains.  Mt. Shasta is also considered the biggest mass Mountain coming in at 100 Cubic Miles.

When considering your vacation plans and the decision to bring your own Ski or Snowboard equipment, or to rent it, you should consider the expense of having to travel with it, as well as the hassle of having to deal with it and worry of it getting there with you.  If you are looking for a way to cut a portion of your cost of your trip, let us help you find the best deals on our website.

Mt Shasta Deals

We would love to be at the top of your planning list once you have picked your destination of Mt Shasta.  We can potentially save you up to 20% over the walk in prices off of your online rentals. The time and hassle that we can save you from trying to find all of the equipment you may need is also well worth the consideration.

We have built time honored relationships with the local rental shops so that you can save money and find what you are looking for efficiently and cost effectively.  When you are not familiar with an area or destination, running around from shop to shop can be frustrating and take away much of your precious vacation and family time.

We can also direct you to any specialty shops you may be looking for, should you need specific gear or have a brand request.  Use our website and we can help you find the best deals for every level of gear that you could need to make your trip an unforgettable memorable experience.

Things to keep in mind

When you travel even solo with one person alone, and try to carry your ski gear with you, potentially you are looking at the very least one extra bag that likely will need to be checked to carry with you.  Most airlines actually charge by the weight now, or even flat fees of $50 plus per bag and even up to $200 additional fees for that extra baggage.

Multiplying those expenses by the number of travelers in your group or family, you will likely see that renting equipment can be very beneficial to your trips budget.  We are happy to help you get the best deal possible and save your time as well as money and hassle.

Don’t forget safety and comfort!  Helmets and socks are some often some of the most unplanned ski gear.  Helmets save lives and can be rented but purchasing a good fitting, comfortable helmet makes pretty good sense for most avid skiers.  Helmets are crucial to a safe day on the slopes.

Speaking of safety and comfort, don’t forget your good fitting ski socks.  Cotton athletic socks are not a good choice for this sport in particular, as they are bulky and uncomfortable and actually trap wetness in.  That can really cause pain and irritation for your feet.

Comfortable ski socks are a good thin ski sock that help to wick away moisture from your feet keeping them dry.  Look for a thin wool or synthetic blend that covers well.  Your feet will surely thank you after your fun exciting day on the slopes.

Ski rental options at or near Mt Shasta

Sportsmen’s Den:

Shasta Base Camp:

The Fifth Season:

Mount Shasta Ski Park: