Skiing at Mt. Baldy is a great way to spend a winter vacation, and if you’re watching your budget, you’ve probably already decided to rent your gear onsite. This is a great way to save money, but you can save even more with just a few simple tips. There’s no need to pay resort window prices for your Mt. Baldy ski rentals when it’s so easy to save a bundle when renting.

Getting Ski Bundles Without Spending a Bundle

Rule one for getting the best deal on your ski equipment without spending more than you need to is to plan ahead. When you know you’re going to go skiing, check with us. Not only can we get you great deals on lift tickets, we’re also going to help you save money on your Mt. Baldy ski rentals. In most cases, we can get you up to a 20 percent discount on your ski equipment. However, this isn’t the only way you can save.

If you’re skiing Mt. Baldy, chances are that you’re coming in from Los Angeles. There are a lot of places in LA to rent ski gear at highly competitive prices. As an example, Summit Ski and Cycle is located on Lincoln just off the 405. A standard ski package starts at a daily rate of $24, while a full 7 days is only $84. In contrast, Mt. Baldy ski rentals are a flat $40 per day. If you’re skiing for a week, that’s almost $200 savings per person.

What About The Gear

If you’re wondering if the gear you’re getting from the smaller shops is on par with what you’re going to get at the resorts, stop worrying. Modern rentals are a far cry from the old dusty ski shops where you used to get ancient wooden skis and creaky bindings. Now, gear is modern and the stock is updated yearly. You’re going to get great skis that you’ll love and save a bundle of cash in the process.

There are two pieces of gear that you should always remember when you get your Mt. Baldy ski rentals. The first is your helmet. Whether you decide to rent your helmet or buy one, you should remember to always wear one. Helmets save lives, so remember to cover your head. The second item you want to own is a good pair of ski socks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a standard cotton athletic sock is good for skiing. You want a thin merino wool or synthetic sock that will wick away sweat and keep your feet warm and dry. With the right socks, your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

Top Companies for California Ski Rentals

Doc’s Ski and Sports

Val Surf

Sport Chalet (3 locations)