Your vacation at June Mountain doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. One key area where people are choosing to save money is by renting their equipment instead of buying it. After all, unless you live close enough to drive to a resort, flying with skis has become almost prohibitively expensive. However, even though you’re already saving money by getting June Mountain ski rentals, that doesn’t mean you have to pay resort window prices. Here are some ways to stretch your dollar even farther when renting.

Renting Your Gear for Less

One of the keys to saving money on June Mountain ski rentals is to plan ahead. When you know you’re going to be hitting the slopes, check with us for the best deals. In most cases, we can get you up to 20 percent off your gear. Reserving early gets you the best savings on your equipment rentals and saves you time as well. Don’t worry about waiting in lines to see if your sizes are available, just pick up your gear and get out on the slopes.

Remember that there’s no reason for you to get your gear at the resort window without reserving it in advance. Don’t pay that rate for your June Mountain ski rentals ever. As an alternative, you can travel only a short distance away to Mammoth Lake and get your skis from a local shop. For example, the cost of a basic June Mountain rental is $36 per day and a premium package daily rate is $69. Conversely, at Kittredge Sports in Mammoth Lake, the daily rate for a basic ski package is $34, while a performance package runs $45 per day. If you’re after a higher grade of ski, renting offsite can save you a bundle.

Gear Suggestions

There are two items that you should never go skiing without. The first is a helmet. Helmets aren’t usually bundled with June Mountain ski rentals, but you can rent them separately. Most people find that it is a more economic alternative in the long run to purchase a helmet, especially if you plan on skiing more than a few weeks total. With helmet rentals averaging about $10 per day and the cost of a new helmet being about $100, it’s easy to see why. Whether you choose to rent or buy, just make sure to wear your helmet.

The second item that you need for skiing is a good pair of ski socks. Don’t wear cotton athletic socks when you hit the slopes. Invest in a good pair of synthetic or merino wool ski socks. These will wick moisture away from your foot, keeping them warm and dry. You don’t need multiple sock layers either, unless your feet are very narrow. Using the right socks will not only keep you warmer, but at the end of the day, your feet will thank you.

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