Renting ski equipment has become an increasingly savvy choice for people going on vacation. With airlines charging up to a hundred dollars each way to travel with skis, it’s a smart fiscal decision for vacationers to look for Donner Ski Ranch ski rentals. Even if you’re saving money by renting, there’s no reason to pay more for your gear than you should. Here are some tips on how to save even more money.

Save More by Planning

The best tip to make the most of your vacation fund is to plan as early as possible. Like lift tickets, airline tickets, and hotel rooms, ski equipment is cheapest when you reserve it well in advance. Let us help you and you can save up to 20 percent off of your Donner Ski Ranch ski rentals. We keep our information updated so you know where you can get the best deals on the gear you want.

Of course, you don’t have to reserve your gear, but not doing so is just throwing your money away. Donner Ski Ranch is more than happy to rent you gear at the window, but you’re paying a premium for it. Consider that the daily rate for a basic ski package at Donner Ski Ranch is $40 per day. In nearby Tuckee, Tahoe Dave’s offers a basic package for $29 per day with deeper discounts for longer rentals. Over a seven day period, the resort rate would be $280 versus $185 at Dave’s.

Shop Versus Resort Equipment

If you’re wondering if the gear you get at the smaller shops is worse in quality than the gear you’ll get at Donner Ski Ranch, it isn’t. The rental gear that is offered at the smaller shops is very similar to the gear at the resort. The primary difference is that when you get Donner Ski Ranch ski rentals, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to carry your skis to and from your room. The gear is stored onsite for you. If you’re trying to save money, that extra hundred dollars you save per person is great.

One area you shouldn’t skimp on when getting your Donner Ski Ranch ski rentals is your helmet. Always wear one when you ski. Helmet rentals usually add on an extra $10 per day, so if you’re going to ski more than two weeks in your life, buying a helmet is a fiscally sound decision. They pack easily in your luggage, and more importantly, they save lives.

Top Companies for California Ski Rentals

Tahoe Dave’s

The Back Country

Tahoe Sports Hub