Dodge Ridge is a ski destination located relatively close to the San Francisco Bay area and provides access to Norther California’s other popular travel destinations such as San Joaquin Valley and Yosemite National Park.

Renting skis can be very beneficial even if you own your own equipment when you visit Dodge Ridge to prevent the added cost of travelling with skis and other equipment.  When you see how easy it is to rent the equipment you may need, you may ask yourself why would you go through that added expense and hassle?  If you are looking for some creative ways to cut some cost on your trip, let us help you find the best deals on our website.

Dodge Ridge Deals

Let us be at the top of that to do list once you have decided upon a ski destination. We can potentially save you up to 20% over the walk in prices off of your online rentals. Not to mention the time and run around that we can save you from trying to find all of the equipment you may need.

We have relationships with the local rental shops so that you can save money and find what you are looking for efficiently and cost effectively.  When you are not familiar with a location, running around from shop to shop can be frustrating and take so much of your precious vacation time away.

We can also direct you to any specialty shops you may be looking for if you are looking for specific gear or brands.  Use our website and we can help you find the best deals for every level of gear that you could need to make your trip an unforgettable memorable experience.

Things to keep in mind

When you travel even solo with one person alone, and try to carry your ski gear with you, potentially you are looking at the very least one extra bag that likely will need to be checked to carry with you.  Most airlines actually charge by the weight now, or even flat fees of $50 plus per bag and even up to $200 additional fees for that extra baggage.

Multiply those expenses by the number of travelers in your group or family, and you will see that renting equipment can be very beneficial.  We are happy to help you get the best deal possible and save your time as well as money and hassle.

An average rental could include a package or individual equipment items.  This can save you money to rent it by the piece if you are an experienced skier and know exactly what you need, or as a beginner, it can give you all the tools you need and without the worry of knowing if you have individual pieces once you get on site.

In comparison to the cost of carrying the luggage, an average package at the resort or a higher priced corporate store can cost you somewhere around $61.00 daily .  That includes skis, boots, and poles or snowboard and boots. Renting off site and with smaller shops can save you money as a comparable package could cost you as low as $25.00 daily at Heidi’s Ski Shop.  Or also it could cost you around $28.00 daily at Rainbow Mountain Ski & Snowboard.  This makes the savings add up per person in your party.  Add that you will have the personal attention the smaller shops can offer you and likely the vast sports experience most owners will have when it comes to the specific sport and to the area.  At a smaller ski rental shop, the attention is not focused on the resort, but the customer. Some of the brands and equipment packages mentioned are package specific, but just for comparison the prices listed are the value packages.

Ski rental options at or near Dodge Ridge

Dodge Ridge Resort:

Heidi’s Ski Shop:

Rainbow Mountain Ski & Snowboard:

Black Tie Ski Rentals of Mammoth: