Boreal ski area is located just outside of Truckee in the Northern Lake Tahoe Resort Area amidst a bevy of ski areas. The entire region attracts thousands of tourists annually. If you’re planning on being one of them, you’ll want to know what the rates are for ski rentals; after all, you’re a savvy traveler and know that getting Boreal ski rentals rather than buying is the way to go. Still, even with the money you’ll save not paying the airline baggage fees, there are other ways to save even more with our help.

Ski Rentals For Less

If you want to save more than normal on your Boreal ski rentals, just remember that you have to plan ahead. As soon as you know you’re heading to this resort, check with us and reserve your gear. When you let us help you, you can save up to 20 percent on all your rentals. But remember that getting your Boreal ski rentals from the resort isn’t always the best way to save money. While the convenience is there, you can definitely save a bundle by shopping elsewhere

As an example, in nearby Truckee, you can get your Boreal ski rentals at one of several locations and save quite a bit. The daily rate at Boreal is $50 per day on normal days and $55 per day on holidays. Five days of skiing then will cost about $300 after taxes. Tahoe Dave’s on the other hand will rent you a comparable ski package for $133. That’s quite a bit to save on Boreal ski rentals. Other shops in the area are similarly priced. So remember that if you didn’t reserve your skis with us, there are still options to avoid paying walkup window pricing.

Some Things to Remember

When it comes to the small things that you know you’re going to need for your vacation, don’t forget that you can purchase them before you leave. This is one of the best ways to save money. Shops near resorts know that they are the last resort if you forget to pack something. Markups can be up to 300 percent in some cases. So get your lip balm, lotion, and pain reliever locally.

Another thing that novice skiers neglect is their socks. Regular cotton athletic socks may be great for running or the gym, but they are horrible for the slopes. They’re too thick, which means that your ski boots won’t fit properly. They also don’t wick sweat away from your skin, they just absorb it. So after a long day on the slopes, your feet aren’t just going to hurt, they’re also going to be frozen. Do yourself a favor and get socks made for skiing. These synthetic or merino wool socks are thin, warm, and best of all, pull sweat away from your skin where the boot lining can absorb it. You’ll thank us when you’re trying on your boots from your Boreal ski rentals.