Hitting the slopes at Alpine Meadows is a great way to spend a relaxing vacation. Whether you’re a novice who’s looking to spend their first hour on the snow or a seasoned professional, you’re going to find something fun at the Meadows. Still, you’re going to need a pair of skis, which brings up the age old question of buy or rent.  Both have their merits, but renting will both save you money and keep you skiing on the most modern tech. Even with saving money just by choosing to rent, there are other ways to save money on your Alpine Meadows ski rentals.

Score Skis for Less

For sure you can get your Alpine Meadows ski rentals right at the resort window, but we both know that you should never pay the walk up price at the window. After all, the walk up rate for a basic package is $56 per day. While it is convenient not to have to portage your ski equipment to the resort, renting off site is going to save you enough to offset that inconvenience.

For example, heading just down the road to Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards for your Alpine Meadows ski rentals will net you a basic ski package for only $29 per day. If you rent for consecutive days, you can save even more. A five day rental runs $133 for a basic package. If you want to upgrade to a performance package with upgraded equipment, that’ll cost $173. You’re still saving money over the basic rental package at Alpine. And that’s before we help you cash in on some savings. It’s pretty clear where to go if you want to save some cash.

A Couple of Tips

Remember when you pack for your ski trip to pack the right gear. This doesn’t just mean layers for your torso and legs (although that’s important too). Think of your poor feet. Those white cotton athletic socks you normally wear aren’t going to cut it for the slopes. Not only are they too thick to let your boot fit properly, they don’t wick away moisture. This will combine into you having miserable wet and frozen toes by the end of the day.  Get yourself a good pair of ski socks made of merino wool (or a synthetic blend). They’re thin enough so your boot fits right and they’re going to wick away moisture so your toes don’t molder in your own sweat.

Also, don’t neglect the helmet. Skiing may not seem like a sport that requires one, especially if you’re sticking to the bunny slopes, but you definitely need one. If you’re going to be skiing frequently (meaning more than twelve days in your life), it’s actually cheaper and more sanitary to buy your own helmet. Adding a helmet to your Alpine Meadows ski rentals will average about five bucks per day; while a brand new helmet costs anywhere between sixty and a hundred dollars. The math is solid.

The following is a list of the ski rental shops near Alpine Meadows:

Tahoe Dave’s                                 http://www.tahoedaves.com/ski-rental-rates

Slant Skis                                        http://slantskis.com/

Willard’s Sport Shop:                    http://willardsportshop.com/

Any Mountain:                               http://anymountain.net/rentals/