Perhaps, the best way to save money on California ski rentals is to plan as far ahead as possible. Book in advance at least a month to get the best deals. Many resorts start advertising deals and discounts long before the season opens. Moreover, while it’s rare for a place to run out of rental equipment entirely, specific manufacturers and types of gear may be out of stock if you wait till the last minute. Our online prices can save you up to 20 percent on your California ski rentals, as well as time and headaches associated with booking equipment rentals.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

Planning ahead will also make sure you have time to do some comparison shopping. If you get your gear from the resort counter, you should know that you are paying a premium for convenience. After all, the resort knows you’re there, and all you want to do is get out on the powder. Don’t dismiss how much you can save just by looking around, either.

As an example, if you’re skiing at Heavenly, they will rent a beginner package for $57.00 per day. Rainbow Mountain Ski and Board will rent you the same package for $28.00 per day. Many of these rental shops are just minutes from the resort. This means even if you’re bringing a group of friends with you and the car is full with luggage and other supplies, you can still get these substantial savings. By booking your reservations ahead of time and providing sizing information for everybody in your party, it should be a simple matter to show and grab your gear.

Resort Equipment vs. Store Equipment

You may be wondering if there’s a noticeable difference between the California ski rentals you get from the resort versus the gear you get from a local shop. After all, how can the shops afford to rent for less? Shop gear is usually gear that has been returned after purchase or a previous year’s unsold stock. Does this make it inferior? Absolutely not. Additionally, you’re probably not going to notice the difference between one manufacturer’s gear and another’s. Rental shops want you to be happy with their gear and their prices so you’ll spread the word.

When renting, remember to always rent a helmet, or if you’re going to be skiing more than ten days in your life, think about buying one. A helmet rental is $10 per day on average, and the cost of a new helmet is between $50 and $100. Another reason to think about buying a helmet is for sanitary reasons.  Even though helmets are thoroughly cleaned between uses, it’s still much nicer to use your own.

California Ski Rentals

The following is a list of some of the places you can rent from while skiing California.

Rainbow Mountain Ski & Snowboard

Tahoe Powder House

The Ski Renter

Mountain Mike’s

Tahoe Dave’s

Tahoe Bike and Ski

Rip N’ Willies Ski & Snowboard Shop

Kittredge Sports

Mammoth Outdoor Sports

Ski Renter

Bellow’s Ski Shop

Getboards Ride Shop