While the Donner Pass may not have been the ideal vacation spot in the 1800’s, in the 21st century, it is home to one of the best little ski areas in California. In order to get out onto the slopes of this mountain, you’re going to need lift tickets. Still, lift tickets don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets are easy to get with a little help. The following is a list of the 2016 season lift ticket prices.

Dodge the Window

You have to get your lift tickets from the resort window, but you don’t have to buy them there. In fact, if you go to the resort window without discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets prepurchased or a discount plan in hand, you’re just throwing money away. That’s because the resort walk up price is the absolute highest price anywhere for your lift tickets. That means that anywhere else you get your lift tickets is going to be cheaper. Don’t waste your money like that.

Say No to Half-Days

Speaking of wasting money, sometimes a flat savings isn’t the best bet. You should also be thinking about the value you’re getting. For example, say you get to Tahoe Donner a couple hours after the slopes open. You’ve already missed the first two hours, and a half-day ticket starts in two hours. You’ll save eight dollars and get to ski the rest of the day. Looking at it from another way, you’re only going to save eight dollars, and you’re going to lose out on two hours of skiing. Isn’t your time worth more than that? Get the full day ticket and enjoy yourself. Still, remember that with our help, you’ll have discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets and you won’t have to worry about half-day or walk up tickets.

Getting A Great Deal

The easiest way to save money on your lift tickets is to let us help you. We track all the best deals on discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets so you don’t have to. With all that information at your fingertips, you can make the best decision for your vacation travel. You’ll find that you will garner the greatest savings by prepurchasing your lift tickets online. With our help, you’ll save money and spend less time worrying about your upcoming vacation.

Other Ways to Save

Prepurchasing your tickets is not the only way to get discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets. There are discounts available for military active duty and veterans, and a steep discount available for students during the middle of the week. Another non-traditional way of getting a great discount at Tahoe Donner is to look for ski and stay packages at local hotels. This is a collaboration between the ski area and the hotel that allows you to get a room and discount Tahoe Donner lift tickets while saving money on both. It’s a great way for you to save money overall so you can focus on parts of your vacation that are more important to you.