Skiing is one of the great new ways to spend your winter vacation, with more and more people flocking to ski areas all over the country. One of the prime skiing areas in the country is the Lake Taos skiing area. No matter if the resorts are big or small, you still need lift tickets to get onto the slopes. While Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets aren’t as expensive as the larger resorts, there’s still no need to pay full price for your lift tickets. Let us help you get discount Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets so you can use your money for other things. Listed below are the prices for lift tickets at Sierra-at-Tahoe for the 2016 ski season.

Saving With Us             

If you want to save money on your lift tickets, the key is to make your plans well in advance. The best discounts are found when you prepurchase your tickets, and the farther ahead you buy them, the more you save. We are continually updating our database so you have the latest deals at your fingertips. After all, the more information you have, the better you can make your vacation. Just let us help and you can get great discount Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets.

It can happen, however, that you may not find tickets for days that you need or want for your vacation. In those cases, there are still ways you can save money and get discount Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets. One of these is by taking advantage of ski and stay packages. When Sierra-at-Tahoe collaborates with local hotels, you get lift tickets bundled in with your hotel room. The overall cost is a little higher, but you end up saving quite a bit. You can also save by getting multi-day bundles of tickets. Additionally, if you fly in to Reno International, you can ski free that day at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Other Tips for Saving

There’s no feeling worse than thinking that you’ve spent more money on something than you needed to. That’s exactly the feeling you’re going to have if you buy your tickets at the window and pay walk up prices for your lift tickets. That’s because the resort window will always have the highest prices for lift tickets. They can sell as many as they need to, so there will never be any scalpers charging higher prices. This means that anywhere else you get your lift tickets from will cost less. So don’t pay that walk up price. Let us help you get discount Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets.

Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that half-day tickets are a good deal either. They aren’t. Sierra-at-Tahoe calls them afternoon tickets, and only saves you ten dollars off the price of a full ticket. While that is technically saving you money, the only time you should really consider an afternoon ticket is if you’ve gotten to Sierra-at-Tahoe after the cutoff time. Otherwise, you came here to ski, get the full day ticket and go skiing. Still, with our help, you’ll have your discount Sierra-at-Tahoe lift tickets already and won’t have to worry about wasting money on walk up or half-day pricing.