Homewood is a great little ski area tucked away on the western shores of Lake Tahoe. Often overlooked because of the flashier resorts at North and South Tahoe, this ski hill still has its fans and loyal following. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you’ll still need a lift ticket. Thankfully, while lift tickets at Homewood aren’t overly expensive, they’re still not cheap. Don’t fret, however. We have your back when it comes to saving money and getting discount Homewood lift tickets. Listed below are the current prices for Homewood lift tickets for the 2016 season.

Use our discounts to save on Homewood Lift Tickets $45/day

Rule One

By far, if you want to save money, the number one rule is to not pay the walkup window price for lift tickets. Ever. This is because the walkup price at the resort window will always be the highest price for lift tickets anywhere. A byproduct of this pricing is that anywhere else you get your lift tickets will charge less. So don’t pay that walkup price. It doesn’t matter if you get your lift tickets at a grocery store on Main Street; you’re still going to save money. However, you will save the most with our help.

Rule Two

Saving the most money depends on one thing: planning. When you know you’re going skiing at Homewood, get online with us and prepurchase your tickets. Homewood is a ski area that offers larger discounts the farther ahead you get your tickets. These deep discounts are limited, however, so it’s important that you reserve your discount Homewood lift tickets as soon as possible. We are always updating our site so you know the best discounts available for your vacation. There are also blackout dates around major holidays, so sometimes you can’t find a discount that suits your travel needs. Don’t worry; there are still other ways to save.

Saving Quickly

Sometimes you won’t be able to find a discount that meets your vacation needs through prepurchasing. However, don’t worry, there are other ways to save money and get discount Homewood lift tickets. The best way is to look for ski and stay packages. Homewood collaborates with local hotels and condominiums to get you a lift ticket bundled with your room. The discount isn’t as steep as prepurchasing, but it’s still better than paying the walk up price. Homewood also sells packs of tickets that provide an overall discount. If you’re active duty military or the spouse or child, you get a generous fifty percent off on peak days.

No to Half-Days

Half-day tickets are deceptively attractive. You think that saving a few bucks in exchange for missing a few hours of skiing can be worth it. We want you to think of it this way: you came to Homewood to ski, not sit and watch other people shredding powder. The lifts are only open from 9am to 4pm and half-day tickets go on sale at 12:30. Is that really how you want to spend your vacation? Watching other people have fun? Thankfully, with our help, you won’t ever worry about half-days or walk up pricing.