Getting your lift tickets for your ski vacation is usually the biggest expense, outside of travel and lodging. Remember though, there are a few ways to make sure that you save some of your hard earned money. So don’t fret when you’re looking for discount Heavenly lift tickets. Below are the current prices for the 2015-2016 ski season. Keep in mind that these are the resort window prices.

Scoring Lift Tickets Cheaply

The easiest way to score discount Heavenly lift tickets is to plan ahead and shop early, preferably at least two to three weeks. As soon as you know you’re going skiing at Heavenly, check with us. After all, like airline tickets or hotel rooms, the longer you wait to buy, the more expensive they end up being. Let us help you get the best deals on discount Heavenly Resort lift tickets. We are constantly revising the information on our site to help you make the best decision for you and your vacation.

Another simple way to get discount Heavenly lift tickets is to look for Ski and Stay packages. These packages are collaborations between Heavenly and various hotels to bundle a lift ticket in with your room. The overall price is discounted, so you end up paying less, saving you money. As a bonus, you can usually get up to four lift tickets with each room. If your hotel doesn’t have one of these packages and you find yourself there without buying advance tickets, ask the front desk if they know of any coupons. These get handed out to local businesses to encourage tourists to go skiing on an impulse. The discount isn’t as good as you will find by pre-purchasing through us, but they can tide you over while you book the rest of your lift tickets with us.

Remember that whatever you do, don’t find yourself at Heavenly’s lift ticket window about to pay full price. That’s the resort taking advantage of you. The window price is the maximum price that you will ever pay for a lift ticket. There’s no reason to pay the window price for tickets when getting discount Heavenly lift tickets is so easy. Even if you put off pre-purchasing your lift tickets to the night before you’re hitting the slopes, check with us. You’ll still have to wait in line to pick up your tickets, but you won’t be paying full price for them.

Another situation you want to avoid is thinking that half day tickets are a good deal. Let’s look at a typical situation. You get to the slopes at 11 on your first day and you haven’t pre-purchased tickets for that day. A half day starts at 12:30 and saves you a few bucks off the full day price. That means you have to wait around in the lodge while others are having fun, and you only get in a little bit of skiing. This is your vacation. Did you come to Heavenly to stand around or ski? Don’t waste your precious vacation time. Pretty much the only time a half day ticket makes sense is if you haven’t pre-purchased your lift ticket and you arrive just a few minutes before or after the cutoff time.