One of the unavoidable expenses when you’re planning on a skiing vacation are your lift tickets. Unfortunately, with rising costs, lift tickets often end up being one of the most costly parts of your vacation. At a little over seventy dollars per day, the cost of a weeks worth of skiing can be almost as much or more than your airline tickets. Thankfully, there’s no reason to pay full price when it’s easy to get discount China Peak lift tickets. Below are the lift ticket prices for China Peak for the 2015-2016 season.

When it comes to lift tickets, you have to remember that if you’re standing at the resort window, you’re about to pay the highest price for lift tickets that China Peak can charge. The resort knows that if you’re there with no coupons, you haven’t done your homework and you just want to hit the slopes. They are going to charge you the most they can for that convenience. Don’t pay that high price when you can get discount China Peak lift tickets so easily.

Another common mistake when it comes to lift tickets is to think that half day tickets are a good deal. A common scenario is for you to arrive at the resort an hour or two before the 12:30 cutoff time and decide to just hang out until you can buy the cheaper half day ticket. But when it comes down to it, you’re only saving ten dollars and you’re losing out on a lot of skiing time. And this is your vacation, do you really want to spend it sitting in the lodge while other people are enjoying the slopes? Still, by following these couple of tips, you should always have discount China Peak lift tickets ready at hand.

The best way to save money on lift tickets is to plan ahead and buy in advance, preferably at least two or three weeks. Buying this far in advance will allow you to not only save money, but also save time. When you get your discount China Peak lift tickets this far in advance, the resort will often mail them to you, allowing you to skip the line at the window. Remember to book your lift tickets through us to get the best deal. We consistently update our site to ensure you get the latest information to make the best decision for your vacation.

Another easy way to save money on lift tickets is to look for ski and stay packages. China Peak will collaborate with local hotels and offer a lift ticket that is bundled with your hotel room. This is a great way to ensure that you get a discount China Peak lift ticket. The overall price for both the room and the ticket are discounted, and you can usually bundle in up to four lift tickets with a single room, depending on the hotel.