Located just off I-80 near the Lake Tahoe, and while it may not be as large as the other Lake Tahoe resorts, it still has its own charm and share of great runs. Like the larger resorts, you still need a lift ticket to enjoy what Boreal has to offer. Even though the pricing of lift tickets at Boreal is lower than lift tickets at Northstar or Squaw Valley, there’s no reason you have to pay full price. Getting discount Boreal lift tickets is easy with a couple of tips. Here are the prices for lift tickets for the2016 ski season

Avoid the Windows

When we tell you to avoid the resort window, we mean that you shouldn’t pay the walk-up price for your lift tickets. After all, those prices are the absolute highest prices for lift tickets anywhere. If you pay those prices, you’re pretty much just throwing money away. That’s because there are plenty of other places to get your lift tickets and every one of those is going to cost less than the resort window. So, don’t pay those high prices. Let us help you get discount Boreal lift tickets.

Skip the Half-Day Too

While we’re talking about the resort window pricing, you should also avoid the half-day tickets (with one exception). You may have gotten to Boreal late and think that if you just wait for the cutoff time, you can save money and not lose that much time for your skiing. Well, yes and no. Boreal has lift times from 9am to 9pm, so with a standard lift ticket, you’re going to get 12 hours of skiing possible. The half-day at Boreal starts at 2:30pm, and night skiing starts an hour later at 3:30pm. The discounts for the two types of tickets are twenty and thirty dollars, so the only time you should get the half-day tickets are if you get to Boreal after the cutoff times. However, with our help, you’ll have discount Boreal lift tickets and won’t have to worry about half-days or walkup prices.

How to Save

So we told you what not to do. But how do you save? The easiest way to save money and get discount Boreal lift tickets is to buy them in advance. This does require a little advance planning, so as soon as you know you’re going skiing at Boreal, get online and check with us. We’re constantly updating the deals and discounts for ski areas in our database. This means that with our help, you’ll not only save the most money possible, but also see all the options available for your vacation. Now, it may happen that you decide to go to Boreal at the last minute and you can’t find discount Boreal lift tickets that quickly. If that happens, there’s one other way you can really save.

Ski areas tend to collaborate with hotels in their area to make “ski and stay” packages. These packages ensure business for the hotel and provide business for the ski area. For Boreal, that means that lodging options include the Boreal Inn and select hotels in the area. Boreal also offers a great discount for military active duty and college students, as well as a three-pack of tickets that is essentially a “buy two, get one free” deal. Keep in mind that all deals have lockout periods around major holidays, so make sure you’re checking with us to get the best information about your vacation at Boreal.