Bear Mountain has long been a freestyle paradise, home to California’s only Superpipe. With over 165 rails spread over 200-acres of skiing, Bear Mountain attracts snowboarders and skiers from all over the world. Still, whether you’re a local trying to find the best line or a tourist here to try your hand at a set of jumps, you can’t get in this park without a lift ticket. Thankfully, lift tickets are affordable at Bear, but that’s no reason to pay full price. With just a couple of tips, getting discount Bear Mountain lift tickets is easy.

Half-Day Tickets and Gate Pricing

If you’re serious about saving money and getting discount Bear Mountain lift tickets, there are two things you should avoid: half-day tickets and walk-up prices at the window. When it comes to the walk-up price, you should know that’s the highest price for lift tickets that you will ever pay. That’s because with no maximum occupancy, the upper price for tickets is determined by the resort. So anyplace else you get lift tickets is going to be cheaper by necessity. Additionally, the resorts know that when you get there and you don’t have discount Bear Mountain lift tickets in hand, you’re willing to pay whatever the going rate is. Don’t waste your money on this, not when it’s so easy to save.

The same principle applies for half-day tickets. On the surface, they seem like a great deal. You save a couple of bucks, and you get a few hours of skiing in the afternoon to close out your day. However, if you’re on vacation, think about what you’re giving up in order to save a couple of bucks. First, you have to wait until the designated cutoff at 12:30 pm. Second, you’re missing out on four hours of skiing in the morning; that’s the best time of the day to hit the slopes, when the runs are freshly groomed with corduroy and champagne. Also, it’s your vacation. Why are you wasting time doing anything but skiing when the slopes are open? Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about walk-up or half-day pricing when you get your discount Bear Mountain lift tickets with our help. And here’s how you do it.

Getting on the Slopes for Less

As soon as you know you’re going skiing on your vacation, you should start looking for discount Bear Mountain lift tickets. This is because the farther in advance you get your lift tickets, the more you’re going to save. Lift tickets are just like any other major vacation expenditure. The longer you wait to get them, the more expensive they’re going to be. There’s another reason to start shopping for discount Bear Mountain lift tickets as soon as you can. Ski areas put blocks of tickets on presale with deep discounts. These tickets sell out quickly, but if you can get some, you can save up to 50 or even 60 percent.

It can be tough figuring out when the best deals are offered though. That’s where we come in. We’re constantly scanning the sites of all the ski areas in California so you know you’ll find the latest information here. With our information, you’ll know when you can save the most money on a set of discount Bear Mountain lift tickets. From a pair of tickets for you and that special someone to a block of lift tickets for a group outing, we’ll have you ready to hit the slopes in no time.