Badger Pass first opened up in 1935 and still features free buses from nearby hotels to its slopes. Although the vertical is only 600 feet, plenty of tourists and locals hit the 88 acres of skiing to be found here. With its location close to Yosemite, Badger Pass is a great day or weekend stop for people looking to have some fun on the slopes. Lift tickets, although affordable, can still be had at a discount. Keep these tips in mind when looking for discount Badger Pass lift tickets.

How to Save on Lift Tickets

There are two general guidelines for getting the best deals on discount Badger Pass lift tickets. The first is to start your shopping as early as possible. In fact, the sooner you start shopping for your lift tickets the more you’re going to save. This is because ski resorts offer the deepest discounts on lift tickets when they presell those months in advance. So as soon as you know you’re headed to Badger Pass, hop online and check with us.

That’s the other guideline. We have relationships with almost all of the resorts in California and are constantly updating our information with the latest discounts. That means that when you’re looking for the most savings on discount Badger Pass lift tickets, you only need to check with us. No checking six different websites or calling around looking for deals; we’ve got all the information you need to make the best decision for your vacation.

Window Pricing and Why You Should Say No

When you’re looking for discount Badger Pass lift tickets, a common mistake is thinking that a half-day ticket is a good way to save money. It really isn’t. Put into perspective what you’re saving versus what you’re losing. While you may save a few dollars, you’re also losing out on an entire morning of skiing. Furthermore, if you’re on vacation, isn’t your vacation time worth more than what you’re saving? Realistically, the only time you should consider a half-day ticket is if you’re getting to the resort just near or after the cutoff without a discount Badger Pass lift ticket in hand.

Likewise, the walk up prices at the resort should be avoided at all costs. Those prices are the highest that the resort can charge for lift tickets, so if you’re looking for discount Badger Pass lift tickets, that’s not the place to get them. The resort knows that if you’ve gotten there and you don’t have a lift ticket already, you’re willing to pay the going rate for lift tickets. Don’t throw away your money like that. Not when it’s so easy to save a bundle. After all, this is your money; keep it in your wallet where you can spend it on other things that’ll make your vacation amazing.