Alta Sierra is located in the southern arm of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and features 80 acres of skiing and 8 named trails. A favorite of locals, this newer resort opened in the early 2000’s, quickly becoming a staple of skiing in the area. Worthy of a weekend visit, Alta Sierra offers great deals on lift tickets, rentals, and ski lessons. Recent improvements include 100 percent snowmaking coverage and a new rental shop.

Saving Money on your Lift Tickets

Getting discount Alta Sierra Ski Resort lift tickets doesn’t have to be a painful process at all. But it’s important that you start your search early. In general, the earlier you start your search for lift tickets, the deeper the discount you’re going to get. That’s because the resorts will put limited numbers of tickets up for presale weeks or even months into the future. Because of these deep discounts, these presales tend to sell out very quickly. So as soon as you know you’re heading on a ski vacation, head to our site.

We’ve spent a lot of time developing relationships with the resorts. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time combing the web. We’ve already done that for you. We’re constantly updating our site to bring you the best deals on discount Alta Sierra Ski Resort lift tickets. With our help, you’ll have all of the information at your fingertips that you need to make the best decision for your vacation. After all, that’s what it is: your vacation and the more money you save on things like lift tickets, the more you have to spend on other fun stuff.

On Buying Tickets at the Window

Just remember that you shouldn’t be getting your lift tickets from the resort window. The walk-up price at Alta Sierra is the highest price you’ll find in the area. That’s because there is no limit on the number of lift tickets that the resort can sell. Therefore, nobody else will sell any tickets at a higher price. Essentially, once you get to the resort without a discount Alta Sierra Ski Resort lift ticket in hand, you’re agreeing to pay the going rate to get into the resort. That going rate is too much, especially because it’s so easy to get lift tickets at a great discount. Keep that hard earned money in your pocket.

You might think that half-day tickets are a good deal. After all, they aren’t the full walk-up price, and all you give up are a few hours of skiing in the morning. However, keep in mind what you’re giving up. You’re not just exchanging half the day for a few dollars, you’re giving up the best skiing time of the day. Additionally, it’s your vacation. Losing out on a few hours isn’t a big deal if you’re a local and can get to the resort every day, but you’re on vacation. Your vacation time is worth more than that. The only time you should ever get a half-day ticket is if you get to the resort just before or after the cutoff time. Even then, make sure you get your discount Alta Sierra Ski Resort lift tickets for the rest of your stay.