Alpine Meadows is part of the Squaw Valley Resort, located on the northern edge of Lake Tahoe. Skiing Alpine Meadows means you can ski Squaw Valley and vice versa, but you’re going to need a lift ticket to hit either slope. You also know that lift tickets for the larger resorts are also pretty expensive. However, there’s no need to pay full price when discount Alpine Meadows lift tickets are so easy to get. The following shows all of the current prices for Alpine Meadows lift tickets for this season.

Skip the Window Pricing     

There’s no worse feeling when you’re on vacation than feeling like you just spent more money than you should have. Keep in mind that the walk up price at the resort window is the highest price that you will ever pay for a lift ticket. That means that anywhere else you get a lift ticket from will have a lower price, so why spend money you don’t have to. Skip that walk up pricing at the resort window, get discount Alpine Meadows lift tickets, and save your money for better things.

Skip Half-Days Too

Half-days are a way for resorts to offer a small amount of savings for people who can only ski part of the day. It may seem like a good deal to save a little money in exchange for missing out on part of the day skiing, especially if you get to the resort a little late. However, consider that you’re only going to save twenty dollars on a half-day ticket. Compare the amount of time that you have on your vacation. You came to ski the Meadows, so get the full day ticket and ski. With our help, however, you’ll have discount Alpine Meadows lift tickets in hand and won’t have to worry about half-day or walk up pricing.

Save the Best Way

The easiest way for you to save money and get discount Alpine Meadows lift tickets is to buy them in advance. Alpine Meadows offers a great discount for prepurchasing your tickets. Let us help you find the best dates for your vacation and the best discounts possible. Prices do vary depending on the week, so make sure to keep checking with us for the latest information. Keep in mind that this isn’t the only way to save money when you’re looking for a good deal on lift tickets.

Other Ways to Save

While prepurchasing your lift tickets is the best way to get discount Alpine Meadows lift tickets, there are other ways to save money on your lift tickets. If you fly in to the area, you can get a free lift ticket for that same day. All you need is your boarding pass and a photo ID to claim your free lift ticket. Other discount options include an active duty military discount as well as a discount for airline employees.