Listed below are ski pass prices for all 25 ski resorts in California with both 1-day and 3-day tickets. These prices are for the 2017-18 REGULAR SEASON. Prices go up/down a few dollars either way, depending on your ski dates and the time of the season, but these prices will be very close, if not accurate, to the final prices you can expect. Note that some of the adult window prices can be greatly marked up for walk-up window ticket prices. Our biggest discounts are lower than even some advance reservations. One-day prices are listed for a normal day in January that is not a holiday. Three-day prices are listed for an average Thurs-Sat or Sat-Mon itinerary to capture weekday and weekend pricing.


Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
$477 $111 View Deals
$150 N/A View Deals
$141 N/A View Deals
$217 $84 View Deals
$285 $21 View Deals
$180 $50 View Deals
$237 N/A View Deals
$222 N/A View Deals
$207 N/A View Deals
$336 N/A View Deals
$210 $55 View Deals
$286 $64 View Deals
$219 N/A View Deals
$379 $231 View Deals
$180 N/A View Deals
$237 N/A View Deals
$189 N/A View Deals
$207 $53 View Deals
$464 N/A View Deals
$213 $38 View Deals
$217 $84 View Deals
$192 N/A View Deals
$477 $111 View Deals
$315 $159 View Deals
$186 $31 View Deals

Shopping for California Lift Tickets

As with all things vacation related, the longer you wait to purchase something, the more expensive it is going to be. This is true of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and of course, lift tickets. So plan well in advance. As soon as you know you’re going skiing, whether it’s at Heavenly or at Bear Valley, get online and buy those lift tickets. Most resorts pre-sell lift tickets at a discount, but the number of tickets available is limited and they are first come, first serve.

Another way to save money when buying California lift tickets is to look for ski-and-stay packages. These bundles usually come about when a resort collaborates with a hotel to attract more guests. You get a hotel room and a lift ticket at a discounted rate. The lodging isn’t just limited to expensive hotels either. Ski and stay bundles are usually available at bed and breakfasts, chain hotels, and cozy locally-owned inns.

If your chosen resort or hotel doesn’t have a ski-and-stay package, ask the front desk about any discounts for lift tickets. The clerks are locals and usually have the inside track on any coupons or ways to save. Sometimes resorts will arrange for coupons to be printed on the back of receipts or give coupons to local businesses to encourage local impulse skiers. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of those discounts.

Now, if you live in the Sacramento area and visit South Lake Tahoe, or if you’re visiting Bear Mountain from LA, your trip may not last long enough to take advantage of the steepest discount packages. Instead, looking for half-day and flex-hour lift tickets may help you afford more skiing within a short window of time.

Check with us for California Lift Tickets

The best deals and tips from last year don’t always hold up this year. That’s because the resorts typically review and update their ticket prices each and every year. Thus, it’s also important that you have accurate and up to date information when doing your comparison-shopping. We’re constantly updating our information on prices and deals to help you make the best decision quickly and confidently. A ski trip is a time to relax and catch a few thrills, but you also shouldn’t have to spend countless hours planning every last detail of your trip.